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Here at Autobahn Autos, we offer a consignment program to sell your luxury or exotic car for you. If you've never considered a consignment before, here is why it can be the best way to sell your car:


We Keep it Simple | Our service eliminates the hassle of selling a car. Here’s what we do, so you don’t have to: Prepare and photograph your car. Advertise your car, both online and in our office. Field all of the phone calls, text messages and emails. Keep your car clean and ready to be shown to a potential buyer seven days a week. And, once we have a buyer, we handle all of the paperwork related to the sale. Because the only thing more frustrating than selling your car is dealing with DMV.   

Your Information is Protected | When you consign a car with us the buyer doesn't knows who you are. From their perspective, they are buying the car from Autobahn Autos. You never have to give them your phone number or email address, you don’t have to speak with them, meet with them or have them over to your home. Your personal information is completely safe.


Exposure | Today we have a worldwide marketplace for car sales. We have successfully sold cars everywhere from New York to Germany. We market your car on several websites to ensure that a potential buyer, wherever they maybe, knows about your car. 

Beyond our online presence, your car gets local exposure through our service center, Salerno Motorsports. We share a location with them so everyday your car will be seen by people who may not even know they’re looking for your car. More than once we’ve had a person come in for an oil service and leave with a new car. This environment is something few independent dealerships can offer.


Maximum Value | We’ll provide you with our market knowledge to help determine a listing price and evaluate offers. This is what we do for a living. Let our expertise and reputation get you top market value for your car. 

Confidence | Not just for you, that your car is safe and well represented, but confidence for potential buyers. Through our service business, the Salerno family has been in Rocklin for over thirty years and we have an impeccable reputation. That helps us get deals done. Whether the buyer is local or in a different country, we provide them with the confidence that they are getting what they pay for.

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